Our Team

We are a small team dedicated to ensuring all Trans folks have their basic needs met, and are treated as human.

Luc Bensimon

President & Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Luc. My pronouns are He/Him. I’m a Speaker, Activist, Entertainer. I am a Black Disabled Trans Man born and raised in Topeka, KS. I have dual BA degrees in Human Services and Criminal Justice. You can find me working and advocating for a number of LGBTQ+ organizations including Trans KS, Black Trans Men Inc, Capital City Equality Center, etc…

Tori Taureen

Black Trans Community Liason

Hello, my name is Tori. My pronouns are She/Hers. I am a Black Trans Woman in Lawrence, KS. I am passionate about advocating for my fellow Black Trans Women who are being murdered carelessly across the country. I seek to educate others on my experience and to create a more inclusive community.

Jesse Brace

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Hey there! My name’s Jesse. My pronouns are they/them/their, and he/him/his. I am a Disabled Trans Nonbinary Genderfluid person in Lawrence, KS. I am passionate about ensuring all LGBTQ+ youth have their basic needs met and are able to love and be loved as who they are. You can find me working and advocating for a number of organizations including Trans KS, American Academy of Pediatrics, HRC, Trevor Project, Capital City Equality Center, National Epilepsy Foundation etc…

Hallie Horne

Stephanie Mott Foundation Director

Hey! My name is Hallie. My pronouns are She/Her. While I am not Transgender my chosen mom the late Stephanie Mott was and I seek to carry on her legacy by running the Stephanie Mott Foundation here at Trans KS. I seek to love all people and help them be themselves.

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